The Redemption sector

The Empress sits atop her golden pyramid orbiting Helot Prime. Her bloodline has ruled since time immemorial. Across space she claims control of all nations and races. Through great cycles of time her line has been a guide to chosen peoples, leading their worlds to ruin and exhaustion... before migrating to new sectors of the galaxy to begin the process of exploitation and slavery once more. Countless aeons have witnessed her tyrannical reign and genetic tamperings. Her single unchallenged rule is supreme. Helot Prime enters it's darkest days as the planet dies and the ruling elite make preparation to abandon the planet for pastures new. Strange calamities and the machinations of secret societies coalesce into a mandala of strife, and the fate of the sentient races comes to rest on breaking free from the systems of control which enthral their very souls. Welcome to the uprising. Welcome to the Redemption Sector.

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